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Yixing Snail Ceramic Technology Co., Ltd is located in Yixing, Jiangsu province, which is known as the Chinese ceramic city and on the junction zone of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces.The company is a modernized enterprise for professional manufacturing, developing and selling high level ceramic board and cubic ceramic curtain wall and has 2 ceramic board production lines, whose daily production reaches over 3000r.It regards advanced ceramic craftsmanship techniques of Spain,which is the origin of ceramic board, as its core, and manufactures ceramic board products of international standard with strict standard of EU products.With strong technology team, the company has several professionals from ceramic academy to direct technology and technique research, and a batch of technicians with many years of extruding ceramic experience to control the whole production process, making each product suffice for customers’ requirement on its scale, color, and type.The ceramic plate adopts Yixing purple sand clay as its ingredient and is burnt under 1200℃ temperature.When burnt in the hot fire of stove, the ceramic plate displays a natural color scale that any artificial coloring cannot match.Its pure and natural quality and implicit color shows the primitive characteristics and imagination of pottery production, and it’s currently the most ideal decoration material that has the advantages of pressure resistance,cold resistance,abrasion resistance,well durability, not fading forever, and good decoration effect.It’s the most widely used high-grade dry-hanging building materials for exterior wall of public constructions like residences, stores, schools and hospitals.